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How to Keep Residents Happy as a Landlord or Property Manager

One of the most important goals in property management is to keep residents happy, A.K.A. maintain resident satisfaction. Why is that?

Well, just to name a few reasons:

Here at Arbors Management, we’ve seen a 10% higher renewal rate than the industry average over the course of our 40+ years in business. 

But how exactly do we keep our residents happily renewing their leases year after year? Let’s dive in.


1. Communication

Different Avenues of Communication

We communicate with our residents in a multitude of ways: emails, phone calls, text messages, physical mail, etc. 

Everybody is different, so it is important to take note on what is the most effective with each resident individually. Whatever way a resident prefers to communicate, meaning whatever is most convenient for them, we will communicate with them via that medium. 

Clear Communication

It’s also important to ensure that we’re communicating clearly and effectively. 

We always want to make sure our message is very clear and that we answer any questions that our residents may have. What’s the point of conveying a message if the other person is confused and only left with questions rather than answers?

Timely Communication

Timely communication is key! 

We do our best to ensure that we’re responding to residents within an appropriate timeframe and following up on any questions that we may have on our end.

Each of our properties is assigned a dedicated portfolio manager or property manager that is responsible for all resident communication, as well as any communication with the owner of the property.

By acting as that liaison, our management team is in constant communication with residents, and owners when necessary.


2. Convenience

Exceeding Expectations

These days residents have increasingly higher expectations, especially when it comes to the convenience of working with a property management company.

As you can probably imagine, we are always trying to meet and/or exceed those expectations.

One of the ways that we do this is through an online portal, which residents begin to use starting with the leasing process. We’ll cover more on our online portal in just a bit.

Convenient Application Process

Prospective residents are able to fill out and submit their application online.

This process is easy and streamlined, and doesn’t require the applicant to jump through any confusing or exhausting hoops to apply with us. 

It may sound obvious, but the easier you make it for potential residents to apply, the more applicants you’ll have.

Digital Lease Signing

Once an application is submitted and approved, the lease signing process is completed through our online portal as well. 

Applicants can sign their lease digitally from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection! It can’t get much simpler than that.

Online Resident Portal

Our residents also have the ability to do just about anything rent-related through our online resident portal. Just to name a few portal features, residents can:

  • Pay their rent online 
  • Access lease documents
  • Sign future lease renewals
  • Submit maintenance requests 24/7
  • Access a 24/7 emergency maintenance line with a live answer 

Ultimately, we want to make the renting experience convenient and easy. The more barriers you create, the harder it is to convert a prospect/applicant into a renter.


3. Resolving Maintenance Issues Quickly

One of the most stressful things as a renter (or even a homeowner) is when something goes wrong in your residence. 

We always want to make sure we’re addressing things as quickly as possible, keeping damage to a minimum, and keeping residents satisfied.

Quick Maintenance Protects Properties

While maintenance requests being taken care of right away satisfies our residents, it also protects our clients’ (A.K.A. our owners’) assets. 

For example: if there’s a water leak, we want to fix that as soon as possible so that any damage caused is mitigated and comes to a halt, hopefully preventing any permanent damage.

A Large Network of Maintenance Vendors

Over the past 40 years that we’ve been in business, we have developed a list of reputable vendors that we know we can rely on. 

Having a vast network of vendors that can address any issue that might come up is always beneficial; if the first plumber we try to contact is unavailable, we’ll go back to our vendor list and contact another plumber that we also have an established relationship with.

With having connections to multiple vendors in each trade, scheduling maintenance services is generally a breeze.

It also is a win-win situation: we give our vendors a lot of business, so they generally aim to keep us satisfied and often prioritize our work orders.

Access to Emergency Maintenance 24/7

We mentioned earlier that our residents have access to 24/7 emergency maintenance. This ensures that when there is an emergency, they can get ahold of someone right away.

This in turn allows us to address the problem quickly, and have the appropriate vendor handle the situation in a timely manner, preventing any further damage to the property.


So When It Comes to Keeping Residents Happy…

Keeping your residents happy is an important part of being a landlord or property manager. 

Resident satisfaction comes with many benefits: increased rental payments, increased lease renewals, and increased property value by maintaining the property, just to name a few. 

Here at Arbors Management, we try to focus on 3 main aspects of resident satisfaction: clear and timely communication, a convenient leasing experience, and efficient maintenance resolution.

By focusing on these 3 areas, we’ve developed a strategy that has proven to be extremely successful at maintaining resident satisfaction, and we’d love to help you do the same.

If you want to discuss how we can help you keep your residents happy, please contact us for a free consultation