Pittsburgh Rental Property Repairs & Maintenance

Maintaining a rental home requires a balancing act. We want to keep your costs down, but we don’t want to let your property fall into disrepair. For 40 years, we’ve been effective in protecting the condition and value of the assets we manage while ensuring they are in excellent shape. Our maintenance plans lead to better ROI.

Responsive Repairs and Maintenance Leads to Better Tenant Retention

Tenants expect that their repair requests will be taken care of right away, especially if there’s a habitability issue involved. Responsive maintenance isn’t just good for your property and its value – it’s also good for your tenant retention. When we respond immediately to maintenance issues, tenants feel heard. They feel respected. This leads to lease renewals and lower vacancy and turnover losses.

Routine and Emergency Maintenance

Tenants need to understand what our responsibilities are in maintaining the home and how they can help us keep things clean, functional, and safe. We talk to them before signing the lease agreement about the importance of reporting repair issues right away. Deferred and unreported maintenance is always more expensive.

Tenants also understand what qualifies as an emergency and what should be requested as a routine repair.

Arbors Management is available seven days a week, 24-hours a day to ensure a prompt response to any maintenance and repair requests. When a maintenance or repair service is required, we will contact the appropriate professional for the job.

This is part of protecting the condition and the value of your Pittsburgh investment property.

High Quality Vendors and Contractors

At Arbors Management, we’ve spent decades establishing and building solid relationships with a preferred network of vendors. They provide us with fast service, prioritized scheduling, and their best, most competitive rates.

We love the professionals we work with. We also understand that you might have your own team, your own network, and your own relationships that you want to honor when we’re managing your home. 

We offer flexibility in allowing you to choose the maintenance professional you prefer. Requirements include:

  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Proof of workers compensation insurance
  • Licensure for things like plumbing and electrical work
  • Excellent communication and response times

Routine Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Owners count on Arbors Management to protect their investments. We do that in two ways: with routine inspections and a robust preventative maintenance plan.

We conduct inspections to ensure there aren’t any lurking issues that the tenants may not have noticed or reported. We also want to make you’re your residents are following the terms of the lease agreement and taking care of your property. 

Prior to a new resident occupying the property, we inspect thoroughly to verify the move-in condition. This results in a move-in report which includes photos of the property. The same process applies to the move-out phase. 

Preventative maintenance, such as HVAC inspections, routine filter changes, and exterior check-ups ensure there are fewer maintenance emergencies.

Pittsburgh Property Management: Arbors Management

Working with a property management company may be new to you, or it may be something you’ve done many times before. In either case, we are here to answer any questions that you have throughout the process.

Arbors Management works hard to make owning a rental property simple and stress-free. Along with answering all of your questions, we strive to provide the best possible management services for your properties including exceptional customer service. We strive to make your investment profitable and future proof. We treat your property as if it were our own. “Your property is our passion!”

What People Are Saying About Us

review rating 5  

This is definitely the best rental company I've ever worked with. They are very professional and super friendly. Thank you Arbors!

Laura R.

review rating 5  
I have had Arbors manage my property for 7 years without any issues. They have ensured that the place is taken care of.

Jessica R.

review rating 5  
Arbors' willingness to work with our small properties is very much appreciated. Property managers are very easy to work with.

Dani A.

review rating 5  
From an owner's standpoint, I have really enjoyed working with Arbors Management. Their response time, professionalism, and general attentiveness to the property has been impressive. I'm happy to recommend them!

Michael O.

review rating 5  
I have lived in a home for 1.5 years managed by arbors and so far they have been great! I’ve encountered several small issues that needed addressed and they were always quick to respond and have someone come out to deal with the problem. Very happy so far!

Kelly Weimer

review rating 5  
“I have now lived at this apartment complex for 2 years and on going, I have ALWAYS had pleasant experiences with the manager and the maintenance men. It’s so nice when having to go threw the hassle of renting to have such kind and understanding people to work with.”

Sheldon Kaczynski

review rating 5  
I’ve been with Arbors for quite sometime. They are always very nice, and work quickly to get whatever problem resolved in a timely manner. I’d have no problem recommending them to any one.

Chandra H.

review rating 5  
I’ve been with Arbors Management since March 1 2017 no complaints so far call maintenance they are right here to fix anything. I could see myself here another year and more and I would recommend others to them.

Melissa Taylor Johnson


review rating 5  
The property management staff and maintenance staff were always very quick to respond to our needs. The office staff are very professional and return emails and calls quickly. The processes for renting a home are organized and very easy to do. The online portal offers quick and easy access to pay rent.

Karen R.


review rating 5  
Arbors staff is very quick to respond to maintenance requests and very friendly! The companies they employ to fix the requests are very sweet and easy to communicate with, which shows that they really get their people and care about their residents!

Samantha G.


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